dimanche, octobre 23, 2005

dog waxing?

I was walking by a pet grooming store and there was a list of things possible to do to your pet: shampoo, hair cut, toenail clipping and waxing.

Wait, did I see that right?


Since when do you wax dogs?

Its funny I've been here so long now that some things don't shock me anymore but then I see signs for dog waxing and that def throws me for a loop!

Happy Sunday.

3 commentaires:

Ksea a dit…

Are you sure it was dog waxing, not cat waxing? There's a big difference, ya know! Happy Sunday here too!

Karina a dit…

Are you being sarcastic? Is there really cat waxing? I just assumed it was for dogs as the French are obsessed with man's best friend...

K a dit…

It's hard to believe waxing could make sense for either, don't ya think? It would be a nightmare with Nellie - both to do and see! We gave Chase his first bath last night and waxing wouldn't have fit in there either. Poor thing looked enough like a drowned rat just wet, much less waxed! Ah, the life of a pet owner. Let us know if they really wax pets at all. That trend deserves lots of advanced warning!