dimanche, octobre 16, 2005


Yesterday was amazingly beautiful, sat outside at a cafe in a t-shirt contemplating the stunning un-October weather...

That changed fast! Woke up this morning to a downpour, something we don't get all that often in Normandy. I'm not saying it dosn't rain a lot, it sure does, but usually its that grey, drippy, icky Seattle weather, not a mad downpour!

Not much to report for this weekend. Yesterday I tried to do a lot of work as last night was a housewarming party at a friends house so I knew I wouldn't feel like studying today. I was right. I really only feel like vegging in front of the tv... watching some movies and drinking tea. Maybe I'll go visit some friends across town to veg on their couch, drink their tea and watch their movies... we'll see.

In other news, check out this site a friend sent me, funny stuff but a little too chirpy this early in the morning (errr afternoon).


Have a good weekend.

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