lundi, octobre 17, 2005

jump for joy!

I went to volleyball today (which by the way was excellent! there were a ton of new people that showed up so we could actually play some real games! and... for the 1st time ever I got placed with the 'good' people!!!! yeah baby!)

When I got out there was a missed call on my cell, the dude from the Rectorat. I called him back and he said that there is a job avalible, split between 2 schools. One of the schools is a bit out of town but there is the regional bus system and a friend of mine did that commute last year and it was ok. He said that he will pass on my CV to his boss to get the green light but he says he dosn't see why his boss would say no. So basically as of today it sounds 95% sure and tomorrow he'll call and I'll hear the final verdict.

Can you hear me jumping up and down to Sir Mix-a-lot?

Happy. Happy. Happy.

EDIT: Just got the phone call!! Got the job!! Still jumping up and down!!!! WHOOOO

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

So, did you get the job? Hope so! Keep jumping!

Ksea a dit…

Hi again Karina. Wonder how this post shows up when using a name. The anonymous one before was me too. No doubt, I'll eventually figure this out! I can hear your mom still talking to you on the phone, so will close for now. Congratulations on the new job! Thanks for the fun blog.