mercredi, octobre 05, 2005

2nd day of school

Well I've been to almost all my classes (I have 2 different translation classes, alternating from French to English, English to French every other week, so will see the English to French next week). They seem to all be going well, already have tons of homework and the pressure of choosing a thesis topic.

The one thing that really shocks me is that in all my classes the majority of the class time was in French to explain how the class would work etc. This is a Masters level English Lit class people! Even in my non-advanced level French courses of my BA were completely conducted in French. At one point one prof finally started talking in English but when it came to talking about certain authers that were an influence he spelled their names in French, which really threw me off! I have a really hard time switching from one language to another (which is why I'm nervous about the translation classes...)

Still looking for the books needed, I've gotten my sticky little fingers on 3 of the 7 books which is good but some of them are really hard to find. Wish me luck.

No plans tomorrow so lets hope the weathers nice so I can take advantage of the last few rays of sunshine.

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kim a dit…

I had a hard time finding my books as well, and those were just for first year classes!

Personally, I'm really enjoying my version/theme classes, although I am feeling quite challenged in the version class. The trick of knowing when to use passé simple and when to use imparfait is (whoosh!) still over my head at this point. But I'm going to study my little head off!

Karina a dit…

well i've now found/photocopied all my books except one that seems to be out of print or something even on American amazon... blech, going to ask about that to the prof next week.
one on the list is A Streetcar named Desire which I'm really enjoying, will rent the DVD to see it preformed. Funny though, in French its a "Tramway nomme desire" lol... tramway... funny.