lundi, octobre 03, 2005


Well this week is starting out well, lets hope it keeps going this way!

First of all I went to the school where I'll be working 3 hours a week to organize my schedule with the other teachers. I'll be going in to teach English to 3 classes, to kids that range from 5 to 7 years old! Never taught kids that young but I think it will be fun, lots of songs and games.

Then I did 1 hour of conversation lessons with a woman here in town. She is so nice and we just talk about anything and everything, I feel bad taking money for that! Plus she fixed my TV! I can now record off the tv. (I had some cables that weren't connected the right way...)

Then I ran up to Uni for my first volleyball class. That was great fun but it was hard not to speak English, to change my brain from shouting "OUT!" to "dehors"... just dosn't have the same ring... Hope I can keep going to that class, the other people are nice too which is a change.

Things are looking up, starting off a good week.

Tomorrow - class!

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ben a dit…

do u include ME when u said that the other people were nice? ;-)