mercredi, octobre 12, 2005

going to die

So the prof for one of my classes changed one of the books on us. I had ordered it on so since it hadn't been shipped yet I went and canceled it. Then looked for the new book.
I found it but not with normal Amazon but with a private seller, found the 'cheapest' price and then clicked 'order' but accidently clicked "1-Click" (the French Amazon, unline American Amazon does not require you to sign-up for the 1-click option so you are automatically signed in). Not only that but . and , are opposite in French...

...therefore somehow I now have a TWO THOUSAND EURO book on order and am going to die.

Been going through the website trying to stop it but the site sends me in circles. It says call if you can't find what your needing but do not provide a phone number.

Called American Amazon to get French Amazon's phone number, lady was really nice. Called but that number dosn't exist.

Emailed the seller several times (within minutes after the disaster) explaining my situation and how there isn't 2,000E in my account. Pray to God, or Jesus, Buddah, whoever is looking out for me that he will not try to make me pay. Honestly I don't know what to do, its not my fault and not well explained.

So scared... so so scared....

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