vendredi, octobre 07, 2005

dear lord

I'm in the middle of lesson planning for my 1st day of teaching the littl'uns and so I decided to go through all my kids music. Some of the CDs I have were not a big hit with the 10 year olds last year as they found them too babyish but will be perfect for 5 and 6 year olds.

So I first pop in a CD that I got last year that is made for teaching with both traditional and made for teaching English songs, has some songs like the "Hello" song etc... The first song that came on was Jingle Bells... ohhhh how I cringed, they used someone with the THICKEST French accent ever! Then the next one....

"If you're appy and you know it clap your ands"

Notice anything missing? No, those are not typos, there was clearly a lack of H people! Def NOT going to use those songs... ekkkk.

Will let you know how classes went later, wish me luck.


Well it went really well, its always hard on the 1st day because you don't know what they kids have learned (in English and in life in general, I mean can they write? do they know geography?) So I was mostly just getting a feel for it. But its great because all the other teachers are really supportive and help me out even just by staying in the classroom.

But jeeze, the 5 year olds are SO tiiiiiiny! They've got the smallest desk and chairs and just come up and hug me all the time. Way cute. So all is well for the time being. Need to do some lesson plans for next week based on what I know they know/don't know.

Pizza/Star Ac night tonight! Yiiipeee!

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Nathan a dit…

Aren't little kids fantastic? I'm going to school with a bunch of Quebec-Cois, and that 'missing h' thing is really noticable.

Karina a dit…

Or when they put the H in the wrong place. Like, Hi Hlike Happles, or Hi Ham appy. Go figure.
Just out of curiousity how did you find my site anyway?