mardi, octobre 04, 2005

school days

I'm officially back at school. Things went fairly well today, I showed up to my 10am class, a theatre class, the prof was late and then we all thought he was a bit snobby... turns out he can't talk! He's got laringitus (sp??) and so did the lecture by typing out what he wanted to say with power point. Interesting. Looks like an interesting class.

Then we were off (by the way, in France you don't choose your classes, they choose you! So I'm on the same schedule as the other 8 students doing Masters 1 in Lit) to our second class, an American Lit class. She could talk, and man did she talk! No, it went well, she asked everyone what they thought their memoire would be on, why we want to do lit and what was the latest American book we had read. Uhhhh ... I read a lot and I'm not sure that some of the mystery and/or Sex and the City type novels should be mentioned, dosn't sound too smart. I was trying to rack my brain to think of something a bit more clever!

I went up to meet a friend straight after for a yoga class but there were wayyyyy too many people so we skipped out. I've spent the last few hours of the afternoon running millions of errands. I need to go grocery shopping badly but there is a strike today and it wasn't worth waiting forever for the tram/bus! Do that tomorrow morning before class. I also need to find the books we need for class. Of course this is not America and there is no university bookstore so you just have to run around town trying to find very random books in English... grrr sounds fun.

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