dimanche, octobre 09, 2005


I just got home with my laundry. I hung it up to dry and opened the window to make sure its not too humid in here. Then sat down in my big comfy chair next to my window to study some texts for class on Tuesday.

The problem is that it smells like a sewer line broke or that there is a porta-potty sitting directly outside my one and only window! I lit my little scented oils and tried to make it smell better. If I close my window then it will take ages for my clothes to dry, but sitting next to the window it just is rank!

I almost never complain about my neighbors (except my ugly-naked-guy who lives across the courtyard but thats another story...) but this is exceptional! I wonder what is going on! Did a sewer line break? Did someone just take a big ol' crap outside? Hope my clothes don't end up reaking... blech.

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