vendredi, juin 02, 2006

week recap

Well it has been a busy week around here. My dad and step-mom arrived Monday afternoon. After getting settled in their hotel we went to my tiny appartment for a big salad dinner and some poiré* before they headed back to the hotel to crash. Here are some little stories and recaps from the week highlighted with my beautiful pictures taken with the new camera - say cheese! (you could say cheezy, might be more appropriate...)

The next morning was all about running errands, pharmacy, laundrymat, grocery shopping and then in the afternoon we explored the sights of Caen before heading off to a yummy dinner at the Maître Corbeau for fondue. That was really fun, and plus the Boy (aka Mystery Guest) got to meet the Fam (aka Dad & Anne).

Bright and early Wednesday morning we set off for Mont Saint Michel. We were sooooo lucky with the weather all week long. I swear for the 3 weeks leading up to their visit it was nothing but grey cold sweater weather, once they came we had nothing but sunshine and a few scattered clouds!!! Beautiful for drives around Normandy. It was however windy (as usual) on the coast so we headed for an Abby tour before being drawn into a tourist trap restaurant for a quick lunch. Turned out quicker than thought as the omlette Anne ordered was literally warm egg soup! Iiiik! Not even cooked, so we left the mont and drove up the western coast of la Manche stopping in Avranches, Granville and Port-bail.

Thursday morning we left for Honfleur were we explored the little boutiques and got Dad's favorite salty caramels from a little chocolate shop before lunch in a little tea room with lovely desserts. We roamed the streets for a bit longer before taking off to Rouen.

I had only been there once before and only for a few hours visiting a friend so I was glad to be able to go back and see a bit more of the touristy side of the city. I do have to admit that I was a bit dissapointed, the center was lovely with all the half-timbered houses but anything just outside was just not very nice to walk around in. I think its just to big and too close to Paris. But we did have fun walking around, seeing Monet's cathedrale and other famous monuments before heading back to Caen for one last dinner at le Bouchon du Vaugeux.

Since it was their last night Dad & Anne invited Mystery Guest out for one last fun-filled evening of waky linguistic conversations and good food. I have to say it was one of our best meals, food and company included ;-) But the dessert was killer, a crispy warm apple tourte with a caramel ice cream melting over the top! Yummm...!

*poiré is a hard sparkling cider made from pears, light and yummy with salad ;-)

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Samantha a dit…

Is that the Boy in the pic? If so, he's a cutie! The fam looks really nice too, glad you all had fun (and good weather).

PS. Congrats on the nouveau appareil photo!!

Karina a dit…

That'd be him ;) I think he's cute too hehe :D