samedi, juin 10, 2006


Since the weather was so nice we decided to set off on a mini-adventure, out to see the smallest town hall in France (in Saint-Germain-de-Pasquier) ! Yup folks that's it! Its teeeeeny! We had a yummy picnic on the grass and almost fell asleep in the sun but decided to continue on our merry way... But my favorite part was the lovely separation of Church and State that is represented above the door:

Then we drove to around and I got to see Mystery Guest's old high school and the house he grew up in ;-) which was fun to see! Then we went see a beautiful abbey nearby, l'Abbaye du Bec-Hellouin which was built sometime around the 10th century.

After a walk around the grounds we stopped in a cute little cafe for a crêpe and cidre in front of the abbey gate:

It was a beautiful relaxing day, off for a road trip not worried about time (or upcoming exams...)just enjoying great company and sunshine!

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we_love_tea a dit…

looks like fun!! yokatta, ne~!

JinxTheGypsy a dit…

Lovely pics. Looks like a beautiful pace.

Antipodeesse a dit…

Beautiful photo! All my blogger friends are so goodlookin'!