vendredi, juin 09, 2006


Well summer has hit with a bang! It took its sweet time but its now 27C (80F) during the day! So yesterday as I had a free day - and needed some time to unwind after the stressful beginning of the week - I went to the beach!

Ouufta am I sore! I forgot about those couple hills on the way out to the beach and as I haven't been biking that much recently it really got to me! But it was well worth it, I left home at 2pm arrived at the beach at 3, and sat there with me, myself, I and my good book to keep me company in the sun for a couple hours before heading home at 5ish.


Sadly today I had to work and then I had a rendez-vous at the préfecture (which went well, will just need to give them some more documents when I get them in the Fall) but spent the afternoon inside vegging as it was trop hot to be outside. After many episodes of 6 Feet Under (my new addiction) Mystery Guest and I made last minute decision to make galettes and crêpes for dinner - YUMMMM... :-)

Now I'm off to bed but I'm sure I'll be tossing and turning as it isn't cooling off at night, so I'll just sprall hoping to catch a bit of a breeze from my open window...

vive l'été!

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