jeudi, juin 22, 2006

fête de la musique

Every June 21st for the last 25 years each town in France celebrates the beginning of Summer with the Fête de la Musique. Professionals, amateurs, random individuals with drums and guitars fill the streets. There are grandmas, families, friends, couples and babies. People enjoying country music, rap, african druming, hard rock and reggae.

The atmosphere is so casual and and free. I meet up with my friend Anne-Céline and 3 of her girlfriends. They were really nice and unlike some other French girls that I've met, not catty or unfriendly at all. We roamed the streets listening to different groups and then settled on the terrace of a bar next to the port for cocktails and gossip. Very Sex and the City.

Eventually we made our way up to the castle to listen to some folk music where we tried our best to dance even getting the fiddler to dance while playing! Impressive! After a while we decided to go check out another part of town and while walking there the girls taught me French nursury rhymes and in turn I tried to teach some of the American ones I could remember. I felt so natural in the group, I don't have a lot of close French friends that I actually speak French with and I didn't even feel like I was there because I was some sort of foreign curiosity. A nice feeling.

After a while us old ladies got tired and went on home. But the party is still continuing outside... so as I would love to go to bed the reggae music pumping in the street will keep me up so I might as well watch a little 6 Feet Under... :-)

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