lundi, juin 26, 2006

busy times!

This weekend was a busy one! On Saturday Mystery Guest and I took advantage of the beautiful sunshine went off to a small town near Bayeux for les Journées de la Bio, a sort of Organic/Green fair. It was really impressive, lots of booths with different produce as well as stands with house building ideas: reducing water waste, environment-friendly heating etc... A friend of Mystery Guest had helped organize it and recommended going to one of the lectures being held. I won't sit here and write out the guy's speech but it was very good, very well spoken and very accessible.

Then we came back home, had some dinner and met some friends for a good-bye drink. Its that time of year, everyone is going home, back to the States, to Ireland, to England etc... I've had to go through this every year for the past 7 years and it does get easier, also knowing that somehow even if you think it isn't possible you do end up seeing people again.

Sunday I awoke to a downpour and while I was eating my breakfast all I could hear was the rain hitting the roof and the church bells chiming. Moments like that make me sit back and realize where I am and how magical something simple like having a relaxing Sunday breakfast can be...

Before catching Mission Impossible 3 that evenging the early afternoon was spent moving and cleaning out Mystery Guest's student housing. That place is spic 'n span! Not a dust bunny (or sheep) to be found!!! This morning he checked out and we loaded up the car to near bursting and he drove home to drop it all off. Tomorrow he'll come back and help me move out of my place(hopefully will get the new keys today!!) Busy times!

So I'm going to be one packing maniac trying to get everything done before I take off on vacation Wednesday afternoon! Yikes! Ok back to it then!!! :-)

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