vendredi, juin 16, 2006


I called my landlady a few weeks ago and found out that an apartment in the same building is opening up. So I went to go visit it and to find out some more details. Turns out it is 8 sq meters bigger than mine (mine is 19sq meters and the new one is 27) for only 30E extra per month!

The only reason I would think about moving is that its the same building and the same landlady and therefore should be much easier because I don't have to give 3 months notice, should pay much less in fees etc... I already went yesterday to talk to the agency and they are going to call me soon with more specifics regarding fees etc.

I never expected to maybe find a place and move within a month but hey why not? I'll have a much more steady job this fall and this place is so nice and spacious! There is one huuuge room, a big kitchen and a bathroom with a bathtub! The only downfall is that its on the ground floor (facing the courtyard like my current apartment) so less street noise but not much light either... but hey you can't have it all can you?

It seems like everything is moving a bit too quickly but at the same time I have the gut feeling this is a good idea... I'll keep you all updated ;-) but for now I'm off to take my translation final and then leaving for the weekend!

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LeeAnn a dit…

Funny -- I was just looking into changing appartments this morning. With the new job (much like yourself), I just want a change of lifestyle, too. Seems like you feel the same. Hope it all works out!