mercredi, juin 21, 2006


Yes! I got the results of one of the translations I did last Friday! I couldn't believe that the results would be in so quickly! A big thanks to my prof for correcting them so quickly! I was going to go up to the uni to get the grade with some classmates but something came up at the same time so my friend texted me my grade.

16/20 baby!!!!!! YES! Ok granted that's the grade from the text that was in French and I translated it into English so it was easier than the other one. But even if I really blew the other one this will help to compensate.

Couldn't help but to jump up and down in my place :D Whooo-hooo!!!!

4 commentaires:

Mr. Mystery Guest a dit…

Kudos to you !!! I knew you'd pass it !!

kim a dit…

Congrats chica! I have three more finals today, followed by one more on Monday, and then first year is over! Of course, I won't know my notes until the 17th of July, but I'm already celebrating. ;)

Karina a dit…

thanks guys!!!! :-) so nice to have some comments!!

Karwan a dit…

Congrats Karina! That's brilliant!