dimanche, juin 04, 2006


I've locked myself in my appartment working on an explication de texte for Wednesday... I have to give a 30 minute presentation, explanation if you will, of Geoffrey Hill's poem Christmas Trees.

Bonhoeffer in his skylit cell
bleached by he flares' candescent fall,
pacing out his own citadel,

restores the broken themes of praise,
encourages our borrowed days,
by logic of his sacrifice.

Against wild reasons of the state
his words are quiet but not too quiet.
We hear too late or not too late.

Fun times eh? There are so many things to say and I'm just not sure how to organize them all... In happier news I got my grade for my lovely dissertation I was working on last month during the April holidays, I got a 13!!!! (Yes, a 13/20 doesn't seem that great for an American, but it was the highest grade in the class! Another girl and I got the same grade so that was fun!)

So here I am trying not too procrastinate too much, but have just fixed myself a yummy snack. I had found some homemade raisin bread at the market, something that you don't see much of in France. So I bought a little bit and popped it in the toaster, when it was all warm and toasty I put on some butter to melt and some cinnamon-sugar.... yummmmmmmm :-)

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Samantha a dit…

Oh good lord, I would die if I had to explain that text, especially on a beautiful day like today! But then again, you know how much I *LOVE* analyzing poems and stuff like that.
Congrats on the grade though, that has to help motivate you to get started on this one!

PS. I've got a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread baking in my bread machine right now...smells delicious, I can't wait til it's done!

Karina a dit…

thanks for the encouragment :D hehe
you know one of these days we've got to meet, i bet we'd have a good laugh :D

enjoy your bread!!!!