lundi, juin 19, 2006

vacation weekend

Friday after my last exam Mr. Mystery Guest came to pick me up and we headed off for a weekend chez his parents near Cherbourg. After quickly dropping off some stuff at the house and having an apéro with his parents we went off to our reward for finishing our exams - sushi! Yum yum! (on the left is a few from the bedroom window!)

After a beautiful weekend last weekend and then thunderstorms all week long we were lucky to be greeted by sunshine all weekend long. Some highlights were a trip to a lovely walk through the Château des Ravalet, which was just bursting with beautiful flowers, irises, foxglove, rhodies, waterlilies etc... We walked all over the grounds, played on the swings and walked under bamboo windchimes.

We also took a bike ride and went to the beach everyday to lounge in the sun and take dips in the water (I didn't really swim but I did get wet up to my neck - it was cold! The water was about 17C) .

One evening was spent on a fun project, making a dvd! I had borrowed his videocamera to record my 2nd graders preforming a little skit on Friday. We (well I should say he... but I watched!) downloaded the video and then added transitions, a menu etc! It looks so classy!! I'm going to work tomorrow afternoon and can't wait to see the kids getting a look at themselves on tv! They are adorable.

It was a great weekend, relaxing and fun, just the right way to start off summer vacation! I have to admit it was a bit stressful from the meet the parents angle, but they are so nice and I'm sure if I get invited back (hint hint ;-) ) I'll be able to crawl out of my shell a bit more. The house was so comfortable and homey, and then to be surrounded by a beautiful region made it harder coming back to Caen.

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benny a dit…

Hey, it sounds like you had a really good week end !!! I'm jalous, I've been locked (nearly) in my room to work, and the stress is just way to stressful for my little brain...