dimanche, juin 18, 2006


Well I took my first real exam of the year (yes, I know those of you who take 6 exams a week twice a year are hating me now...) and what a new experience!

At home I remember taking final exams but first of all it was not the only grade of the course for an entire year like it is here... second of all at home it was in the regular classroom, not in some mystery location like when we took our exam Friday in the gym!

Third and last of all it was not anonymous, here I had to ask the others in my class how exactly to fill in the little triangle that got folded over.

But just the atmosphere itself was something new all together! Just the fact that there were rows upon rows of desks lined up the length of the gym was stressful. The for the exam it was a 4-hour translation exam, 2 texts, the first from English to French and then from French to English. No dictionary, no bescherelle, just you and your memory... I couldn't take more than 3 hours of it and had to leave. There are only so many times you can read and re-read your translation...!!

So now I just have to wait for the results, but if worse comes to worse there are make-up exams in September...

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