lundi, novembre 21, 2005

record breaker

For you folks wanting Caen gossip here's some: I have some of the coolest friends ever!!!

My friend Emma just broke the record for pancake eating. You must see the video, it is worth watching, she is soooo cool.

Emma - you rock girl.

Otherwise there isn't much news. I've been so busy with schoolwork lately. After hearing this news I'm making some pancakes then hitting the library.

Em, the bacon's for you. :)

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Karina here is the Macaroni Cheese recipe:

Let me know if it works out !

I don’t have a recipe, it is one of those things handed down by Mum and is a bit made up !

You will need:


Cook as much Pasta as you need. (I always under cook it by around 4/5 minutes as you will be putting it in the oven afterwards, to get nice and brown) I hate overcooked pasta !

Meanwhile make the ‘béchamel sauce’ again make the amount of sauce according to the amount of paste your cooking. I cheat and don’t make it the traditional way, easier and a lot cleaner.

I put a jug of milk in the microwave with a huge lump of butter heat up until almost boiling. In a cup mix together the flour with a little bit of milk to make a paste
(cornflour is best, in France it’s called feculent) When the milk is nice and hot add you flour mixture and put it back in the microwave. I usually add a bit at a time to ensure that I don’t end up with a sauce that is too thick. You will need to cook it for a minute or 2 to ‘cook’ the flour, but be careful that it doesn’t boil over.

When all this is done mix the half cooked pasta and sauce with us much grated cheese as you like. Add salt and pepper.

Place in an ovenproof dish and sprinkle with a little more cheese, breadcrumbs (chapelure in France) and a few small dots of butter.