mardi, novembre 08, 2005


Well since everyone has been sending me emails wondering if I'm still alive I'd post this.

I'm fine!

The Norman cows are protecting me... haha. No, but yes the riots have spread from the Paris suburbs. They are saying in the papers that Caen has been touched, 15 cars burned in the suburbs. But they are in the suburbs. Its not as though I go wandering around at night through sketchy neighborhoods. I think that the people that are causing damage in towns like Caen are not people that are organized, but rather influenced by the media and looking to cause trouble.

Its a complicated issue but obviously those who are rioting to not feel a sense of pride in their lives. They are poor, unemployed and feel as they have no future. Otherwise why would they destroy their own property and not the property of others? They are destroying stores and schools in their neighborhoods and its so sad to see on tv.

I don't want to get too much into the politics of it all but don't worry I'm fine!

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Ksea a dit…

Holy Cow. Thanks for the update and glad your area is still relatively safe. Other than the car park dungeon where we parked, your streets are pretty car free around there, right?

PS.In case there are other bovinaphiles checking in, that's a Charlais. Great breed, and so French they're even in Tahiti!

Karina a dit…

lol thats hilarious (the cow bit) anyway no cars near me. they are not allowed to be parked on my street and anyway my appt faces the courtyard and not the street. i'm not worried. it is a bit odd though to think about all this crazyness going on in the world...

Natalie a dit…

you spelled craziness wrong. :)

yes, im bored.