mercredi, novembre 30, 2005


On Monday night I went out with a few friends to the English Table at the local Irish pub set up for university students to have casual English conversation.

I left with butterflies in my stomach and a phone number in my cell.

Its a good feeling to have the butterflies back.

Even if I jump everytime a text comes through...

7 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

What's his name? Do I know him???!!

Jen a dit…

Those powers must be pretty darn smart and awesome! I think as a way to thank them you should by them a gift (French pastries always welcome)! Haha

cara a dit…

i love the flutter feeling. i miss the flutter feeling. after 8 years of marriage the flutter feeling is something a bit more solid feeling, i guess.

i am so excited for you. and jealous that you have a japanese restaurant nearby. looking forward to reading more about the "nice french guy".

Samantha a dit…

yeah, congrats on meeting someone, those first days are always so exciting (will he call? do i call? what would i say?). it's all the more interesting when the new boy is from another country, because you don't know how "the game" is played chez lui! good luck, i'd like to hear how it goes too!!!

Karina a dit…

caroline - no, you don't know him.
jen - keep wishing!
for cara and sam - i hope i'm not getting ahead of myself but in anycase at least i know i'm not fridgid! ;) seriously its nice to have something to think about other than school!
hopeing to get another text soon... we'll see and i'll be sure to let you all know!
(the 'game' is def stressful but even if it turns into a friendship he seems like a really nice guy)

Ksea a dit…

Flutter, flutter! What a fun addition to the season. Keep us posted.

Kristin a dit…

Awesome news Karina! I'm so happy for you! If you find out that he has any nice friends, send 'em my way, ok?

Thanks for the picture!! I'll let you know what I end up doing-I just might end up in Caen, we'll see ;)

By the way, I think those powers might settle for some apple crumble or maybe a biscuit or two, though I seem to remember them reminiscing about a certain strawberry birthday pastry as well!