jeudi, novembre 03, 2005

blue lightning

I've decided that all language teachers are just odd... This theory started when I was in high school and our French teacher was just the funniest lady I've ever met. She used to wear this blue knit dress that had a bright white lightning strike across the front. Us kids used to call it "blue lightning" and unfortunetly that became her nickname and even other graduating classes knew this was her.

Now I feel bad because I realize that kids are just not nice to their teachers, and thats hard to deal with when you're in front of 30 kids. Now that I've been in that position I have a lot more respect for teachers and the hard work they do.

That said language teachers are weird.

I went to the lycee where I'll be teaching to be introduced to all the teachers I'll be working with and try to figure out my schedule. (I start my 1st class tomorrow at 1pm! Wish me luck!) They are the kookiest lot I've ever met. Their personal bubble is just a wee bit smaller than mine so I kept backing up while they were talking to me and the things they wore! Yikes! It would do blue lightning proud!

This is why I've never wanted to go home and become a French teacher. I've always been afraid I'll turn into a kooky teacher.... I'm too good for that.

Aren't I?

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Ksea a dit…

Hey Karina. I think Blue Lightening is kinda cool, especially compared with some of the other options that could pop up... pumpkin face or woman in a bubble, for instance.

I look forward to seeing what character or side of yourself you decide to identify with BEFORE the little bits come up with one of their own.

It's blowin stink here! 40 knots reported at Blue Heron. Good day to be indoors.