dimanche, novembre 06, 2005

ball o cheese

A friend of mine who lives in Paris is in town for the weekend so of course we had to go shopping and out to eat... such a hard life! I got some good deals though, hit the American-style mall outside of town where I got new tennis shoes (my old ones are going to die anyday now!) that were originally 50E but on sale for 30E! Not bad! Then I've been wanting a microwave but in France they are all really expensive (70E is just a little too much for my budget) but one of the stores had a promotion, the basic model for only 30E! I spent way too much money but i think it was money well spent. (right Mom?)

I don't think my little apartment can take anymore! There just isn't anymore room!

Anyway, for dinner we all went out to the fondue restaurant and had cheese, cheese and more cheese! Practically rolled out the door and to my house... But oh was it delicious! We had the fondue "pays d'auge" which is basically just all the famous Norman cheeses (camembert, livarot, pont l'eveque) along with cider and apples. Of course some red wine to top it all off. Delish!!!

Of course we had to have the chocolate fondue for dessert, the chocolate even had little tiny pieces of almonds in it, gave it a very satisfying crunch. I forgot to bring my camera but the picture is what you would have seen if you would have been there!

A delightful evening.

3 commentaires:

Gem a dit…

Sounds tasty! Thanks for your comment on my blog--I only recently discovered yours, you're right, it's always fun to compare North/South.

ksea a dit…

The fondue sounds awesome Karina and congrats on the good deal and new treads. Was there any sign of the burning and rioting where you travelled in Paris? It looks pretty random and violent from here. Glad you're home safely.

Karina a dit…

I didn't actually go to Paris, a friend came out to Normandy. There have been a few riots in other towns in Normandy (Rouen and Evreux) but they are both a good 2 hours from me and have much higher low-income/immigrant populations.
In anycase there isn't much rioting outside the suburbs and I havn't been near any suburbs (either in town or in Paris) in a loooong time. No worries here.