jeudi, novembre 10, 2005

long day

It has been a long day. All started at 6:55am when I caught the bus (it was pitch black out mind you!) out to the town where I'll be teaching in a high school. It takes about 45 minutes to get out there and as I saw the sunrise I went into the staff room to meet the other English teachers.

My contact person for the school is a very nice lady who lived in Australia for 12 years. She's very helpful and nice but a major chatterbox, telling me all about her life, her divorce, her depression etc... Yup, nice to meet you too.

But she is very nice and invited me home for lunch after work and said that I should come out for dinner sometime and could stay at her place anytime I like. I think she's really excited to have someone to speak English with again.

The kids that I met were really nice. They aren't that strong in English but were much more polite and well behaved than the 1st school I observed, at least they weren't playing with their MP3 players/cell phones during class!

So I caught the bus back to Caen and then had to run all over town getting stuff done. I had to go to my other high school to give them my bank details so I can get paid at the end of the month! V. important!

Then I had a gyno appointment, my first in France and my first with a male doctor. Lets just say it was an interesting experience. I don't consider myself very prude or shy but when he said strip down and hop up on the table I felt a bit akward. No flimsy little gown to hide behind. But all went well, good to have a check up every so often.

I'm going to crash tonight and good thing its a holiday tomorrow! No work for me!

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Samantha a dit…

Ha, I'm retarded. I was just about to write to you to see why you hadn't posted anything since Oct, but it's because I bookmarked your site last month, and instead of saving the main page, I saved 10/05. Doh!

And no kidding, the first time I went to the gyno here, I tried to pick a woman dr, but mistakenly ended up with a man (damn Breton names always confusing me!) who forced me to strip down, and then called me a prude when I asked for a paper gown. After that, I found out that most French women just go to their regular family doctor, and since mine's really cool (and a female), I've just done that ever since.