samedi, novembre 26, 2005


Now that Thanksgiving is officially over Christmas is in the air. My day started when the mailman buzzed chez moi to deliver a surprise package from my mom with Advent Day presents!

I did a bit of shopping myself this afternoon as I need to send home Christmas presents fairly soon so they arrive in time. I even managed to get a few things in between hail storms. (Shhh, not tell you what they are!)

It had been a busy week, with two Thanksgivings, work and school so I took the evening off. I stayed home, curled up on the sofa, drank spiced cider and decorated my little Christmas tree.

All that was missing was the eggnog and family fun, but don't worry, I still put on some Christmas carols!

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ksea a dit…

Nice red and white ornaments on your tree. We got our Christmas tree too, and today... it's the Carpenter's Christmas album in the juke box!