samedi, novembre 12, 2005

cheese please

After going to a matinee showing* of The Corpse Bride I stopped by the big shopping center to pick up some groceries. Let me mention:

I love cheddar cheese.

This store (Carrefour) is one of the few places that sells cheddar so I always make a point to buy a big chunk. But as its an imported cheese its not in the prepackaged section... you have to ask the lady behind the counter to cut you a piece. After I ordered my 300g I waited for the lady to pack it up. A woman next to me turns to me and says "Oh, I've never tried that kind of cheese, how can you eat it? Is it possible to eat it just as is?"

Surprised I answered "Yes, you can eat it just like that, or melted..." She said that she was curious but has never dared to try it because "its orange and just looks unnatural."

That totally cracked me up. But I was really impressed that she wanted to talk to me. Its not really a french thing to do, to start up a conversation with a stranger. It made me happy that this random woman had taken an interest in "me" or my culture if you will.

*I love how at home we call it a matinee showing while in French that would mean a morning showing but we show it in the afternoon... humm... wires were crossed a bit on that one.

3 commentaires:

Samantha a dit…

How much does Cheddar cost in your Carrefour? Mine has some a few times a year, but it's always 13 or 14€ per kilo, so I just end up buying some Compté instead....what I'd give for some good ol' Cheddar on a ritz cracker right now!!

Karina a dit…

your carrefour is sad! mine has cheddar for 9E a kilo, don't buy it every week but it is a wonderful treat from time to time. made mac & cheese the other night! Yum!
anytime you want to come to Caen... lol

DrownedWorld2005 a dit…

All this talk about cheese is bringing me down especially since I've decided to cut dairy out of my diet for a month. Just an idea I'd been toying with. I'm a week in so far and it's going great. I had my first soy latté the other day; I nearly vomited.