vendredi, novembre 18, 2005

me myself and i

For those of you living in France have you ever noticed how the French talk to themselves?


I noticed that a few years back when I was on an exchange program and thought people were talking to me. Then I either got used to it or forgot. When I came back and was working with teachers I kept thinking they were asking me where they left their worksheets etc.

Today I was in the staff room at high school waiting for class to start. All of a sudden I noticed all the chatter around me were individual conversations with themselves!!!! Some people were getting mad at someone (who knows who, friend, student other teacher etc...) and really blowing off steam out loud!

I felt like I was in the looney bin. Couldn't wait for class to start.

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J.Doe a dit…

Italians also talk a lot to themselves-at least the older ones do.

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Karina. Start writing some caen gossip on your site. Fill us in! Caroline
ps: no we don't say the time that way, at least no-one i've ever heard has

DrownedWorld2005 a dit…

Hi Karina,

I echo the sentiment expressed by Caroline - we need some juicy Caen gossip.

P.P.S. Caroline, yo' a slaaaaag. xxx


Anonyme a dit…

Yo a' slaaag ho! Word up from the exeter division of the L-uNit. it's freeeeeeezing here. -6 last night. brrrrrrr. hope you're growing accustomed to it Karwarn, you're going to look less and less like a sand digger in this weather! XX Karina, these blogs are fun! Caro

Léons Life a dit…

My father alwatys said:

If you to talk to yourself, at least you know that your talking to someone intelligent !!!