lundi, novembre 14, 2005

made for walkin'!

Yeah baby.

I have boots!

So excited! I just got them this afternoon after volleyball. I've been wanting boots for ages but, well frankly, my calves are too mighty... But these boots are juuuust right. Chocolate brown, suede, slouchy and super comfy. Not too too expensive either (as boots go). And now I have lovely brown shoes to wear with my new brown skirt! Whooo!

Ok, its getting a bit rediculous though, need to stop with the shopping. But its so nice this season, for once boots that aren't made for chicken legs are in style! I had to take advantage of it!

I had to share this kodak moment with you all.

Happy Monday!

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Samantha a dit…

Congrats on the new boots!! I finally broke down in Bordeaux this weekend and bought a pair of the pointy black ones French woman always wear....I've been trying to resist, but I can't keep wearing trainers forever. Now I just need to wait for les soldes en janvier to buy a pair of brown ones!

Léons Life a dit…

I have the same calf problem ! Can only zip them up half way before coming upon a lump of skin !

Gem a dit…

I was checking out your new post, and Jube started making fun of me--"She bought boots? You have to comment now! 'Ooooh, nice boots!'" But they are definitely nice ;) I bought myself a pair last winter, black slouchy leather ones, and I am still very happy with them.

anonymuis a dit…

nice boots you have, really. I like boots, too, I currently have 5 boots, I buy boots because I mostly wear skirt. Wearing boots makes you feel good, aight? Especially in this cold weather, winter is coming soon hehe!

DrownedWorld2005 a dit…

What's "slouchy"? Is that an American term?

And yes, nice boots.


Karina a dit…

"to slouch" is to not be up straight. do you know what I mean? like if you don't stand up straight your mom would say "stop slouching and stand up straight"
don't think its 'american'...
i'll try to come up with some Caen gossip for ya'll! ;)


La Rêveuse a dit…

OK, so where'd y'a get'em? I am also a well-endowed calf person, and have found that when walking everywhere, the heels that were comfy in the US are not so much. Lack of the chauffeur, I guess. Wore heels yesterday because I got a ride, and loved every minute of it, but they likely won't see the light of day for a while.

I remember once when I was about 18, my Mom looked at me and said, "You have fat calves". Yes, she was blessed with the skinny stick legs, and wasn't one to mince words.

I answered, "Really, Mom? Feel 'em."

She did. And she said, "Ooooh. Muscle!"

Uh huh. That's right. They may be big, but they are all muscle, baby.

Karina a dit…

got 'em at Bata here in Caen. They weren't too expensive as boots go (about 70E) i'm sure they have that chain in Paris somewhere... :) happy boot shoppin'!