dimanche, novembre 19, 2006

weekend news

Well I hope you all out there in bloggerland had a nice weekend. I had a wonderful time relaxing chez Mystery Guest's parents out in the sticks of Normandy.

It's so nice to feel so comfortable in someone else's home. Just to relax and enjoy the weekend and the time away from the city. Homecooked meals, vegging in front of the tv... honestly I'm not sure where the weekend went! But it flew by!

As it was a sunny November day we decided to leave early and make a detour near Coutances to see the countryside. As we had to go off the main road due to road construction we ended up driving by a sign that said "chateau this way" or something to that effect... Ended up wandering around the deserted grounds of a ruins of a castle. I was kicking myself as I had forgotten my camera at home and it was a stunning sight to see, the ruins framed by all the foliage changing color and a magnificant sunset in the background.

I tried to pinch myself but that just hurt.

So I'm making a note of this place because I've got to go back with my camera, but I'm not sure if that day could ever really be captured.

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

J'adorerais t'y emmener un jour où tu auras ton appareil photo;) Ca a l'air magnifique!!

Mais bien sûr ce ne sera jms aussi romantique que seule ac Mystery Guest une belle journée de Novembre...


Jen a dit…

Ummm...one question. Since when do We the People of the United States of America use the word "sticks" to describe a place in the middle of nowhere? Last time I checked (and yes there was a Congressional vote affirming that this was the word Americans were to use after the American Revolution) we kindly refer to places in the middle of nowhere as the "Boonies".