mercredi, novembre 08, 2006

rub a dub dub!

I decided to test out my pride and joy of my appartment... my bath! There are some problems with the tub though... which is why I havn't used it up until now.

1. The bathroom is freezing! Let me tell you how badly insulated it is!!! I keep the door closed because otherwise it would let in that nasty cold air into my living space! No thank you! There is a little heater in there but as it is electric I just can't justify heating a room just to take a pee or brush my teeth.

2. My hot water tank holds enough water for about 2 medium-length showers. As I must have my morning shower to fully wake up this doesn't leave enough water to do that plus dishes etc and then a bath at night.

3. I get bored quickly in the tub, I need to have everybody part covered with nice hot water otherwise I'm cold and I don't like that. But I can't do anything if my hands are in the water so I get bored.

So today I decided that in reference to problem #2 I had gone to the pool this morning for a swim and therefore took my shower there. I also had very few dishes that needed washing up today. Concerning #1, I broke down and heated just my bathroom for 10 minutes while running the hot water so I wouldn't turn into a popsicle. And #3, I discovered the joys of a cordless phone! Did all my phone catching up while relaxing in the tub! Brilliant! Sadly the only downside was the big cut I gave myself while shaving, dangerous zones those ankles are!

Ahh time to crawl into bed and get a good night's rest :-)

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