mercredi, novembre 15, 2006

pop pop!

I feel like I'm regressing to 14 years old... I've got a monster of a zit on my chin! I know I'm getting all personal here but I can't believe the size of this thing! I get my fair share of random zits but this beast is deep and it hurts!

Teaching with this thing hanging off my chin makes me feel like the Wicked Witch from the East... I know usually those things that you feel are huge don't look as big to other people but I swear I'm getting so self-conscience over this! I wish it would just go away already and I can go back to feeling the ripe old age of 25 again...

Beware zit: I'm going to get you my pretty!!!!

cackle cackle!

2 commentaires:

destinationmetz a dit…

the surefire way to get rid of a big, bad zit, especially the big ones that are under the skin is to put betadine on it (not sure what that is in US speak), but its like a brown distinfectant. It takes the pain away and heals it very fast. I recommend as a long suffering acne victim

Karina a dit…

thanks! i'll keep that in mind next time i get a big 'ol monster (the beast has almost died hehe)