jeudi, octobre 19, 2006

to open or not to open?

Buzz!! As I was enjoying my morning coffee the postlady buzzed at my front door... never a disturbing moment however when the postlady comes to deliver a package!

Yesterday I got a package from my sister in my mailbox and today it was a big box from my mom. Yes folks, this girl's birthday's coming up soon! If you really want to know, its next Friday...

So yup, you've figured it out, I have 8 days until my birthday. So now the really important question comes into play, to open them early or to wait?? I'm always telling myself to wait so that that way I'll have something to open the day of and not regret opening them early... but at the same time the surprise is a little spoiled as my sister and mom had to write the contents of the packages on the customs form... now I know sometime they, um, stretch the truth on whats inside but still... humm... a real dilemma!

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Oh good! I'm glad the package arrived before the BIG day!! 25! Geez, Karina, you're a quarter of a century...yikes, what does that make me??
Hope you enjoy the gifts. Yes, I hate writing the contents on the outside of the box for customs. But, I never write it all and I do stretch the truth. Otherwise it would never be a surprise!
The best birthday present will be seeing you home for Christmas! Open the box, 1 is unwrapped, the others you can save for your birthday. How's that??
Much love, Mom

benny a dit…

I think you shouldn't open them now and wait for the big day, which is in a week anyway ! (Like that it will add up to the presents you will hopefully get on the day...)
How are we gonna celebrate it by the way ???

Samantha a dit…

If it was me, I'd totally open them!!