vendredi, octobre 27, 2006

birthday celebration part 1

Yes folks in just a few minutes (according to my mom at 19h00 on the dot) I will be 25 and to help me ring in my quarter of a century Mystery Guest took me on a lovely drive.

The weather was perfect this afternoon as we headed down to the Suisse Normande, a beautiful region of Normandy just south of Caen. We had a fantastic drive as we watched golden leaves float across little country roads and admire the rivers that cut through forested valleys.

It was the perfect way to spend my birthday afternoon, out in the sunshine enjoying a stunning fall day with excellent company. I'm home for an hour to primp before going out for dinner with friends at Mange ta Soupe and to get some drinks.

3 commentaires:

Samantha a dit…

Happy Birthday!!!

Emmanuelle a dit…

Happy Birthday Karina !! - " Bonne fête " comme on dit au Québec ;-) J'ai bien hâte tester Mange ta soupe à mon retour à Noël !! Gros bisous !

benny a dit…

Hey, Happy Birthday again !!!!
I hope you really had a good night with a lovely soup and a cool dance !
Gros bisous !!!