lundi, mai 15, 2006

congrats grad!

My little sister's graduation announcement just arrived in the mail this morning!

This June she'll be graduating with a BS (tee hee does anyone else laugh when they say that??) in Cognitive Science with a Neuroscience specialization!!! Way to go!

How cute is that picture that came with it?? She doesn't even look like she's been hanging out in labs splicing monkey brains or something...! ;-)

Good job Brittany! I wish I could be there in person to help celebrate but we'll have to do that in Europe next year eh??

Love ya!

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Brittany a dit…

Thanks! I'm so excited... only a month to go! (well, and those two summer courses but I'm not thinking about those right now.)

And we'll definitely have to get together in Europe. If by some chance I don't move there, I'll still visit. :)