lundi, février 16, 2009

sand dunes

Today the sun was out and so we decided to go on a little geocache... there is one that has been alluding us for a long time now. We went to these dunes back in July with Kristina & Charlie but never found the tank the geocache was supposed to be hidden under.

Then we went back a couple weeks ago and we thought we found a good parking spot but it turns out the car got stuck in the mud... discouraged and frustrated we gave up a second time.

I bet you all think you know how this story will turn out? Third time's a charm? Well... yes and no... Yes because we found a stunning walk to go on over 4km up and over the dunes, through the pine forest and to the beach. We found an old Sherman tank that had been sitting there for 60+ years and caught the beginning of a beautiful sunset. No because, well, I guess it wasn't the right tank! So no geocache for us but it was an amazing area to discover, all only 30km from our doorstep!

4 commentaires:

Megan a dit…

Maybe it was the right tank but someone removed the hidden thing?

Milk Jam a dit…

could be, but in the clues to finding it it said there were several tanks in the area. usually you can kind of tell the area where people would hide something. plus it specifically said it would be found between the tracks of the tank... oh well, another day!
if you have a GPS you should try it, so much fun and you discover such amazing corners of the world :-)

Anonyme a dit…

you know, I always say that I prefer living in town but looking at these photos makes me realise how much I miss greenery. Back home in Wales it's soooo green.

I really should explore more of France.

thanks for the picasa info btw, I'm going to try it out. ;o)

Anonyme a dit…

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