jeudi, février 26, 2009


Now I'm not totally coincée when it comes to writing "proper" English or French, you'll see me making plenty of spelling mistakes and when I send sms I will from time to time type "u" instead of "you" to make it fit in the restricted length but I do have to admit that when sending emails it really peeves me to see nothing but shortcuts.

And those same shortcuts drive me up the wall in French! Gah! I'm in the process of trying to sell my old ipod on leboncoin and the dude who wants to buy it said he'd send me the money and when I recieve it I will send out the ipod. The thing is that his money still hasn't arrived so there has been an email exchange over the last couple days. Me telling him still no cash and him freaking out that his money was lost (yes the stupid idiot did indeed send cash and not a cheque.. retard). But his last email was priceless. Here it is in all its glory...

ba jai complter tonadresec ke tu ma ernvoyer jaibienverefier plusieur foi évoila
tu medira demain si ta recu
pskjete surkeje té envoyer

I'm sorry, ever heard of punctuation? Or at least putting a space between words to make them understandable?? I guess not!

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Jennie a dit…

This is strange, whenever I go to your blog's main page, there are no posts listed. It's just a big white area. But if I click on a post, I can see it just fine. Is it supposed to be like that or is it just my computer? (I tried it in Firefox, IE and Chrome.)

Anyway, that was a bit difficult to figure out! I hate when French people write like that!!! French SMS language is much worse than American IM language. I think I'm going to use that in a "informal French" lesson about figuring out what the heck people are saying.

Milk Jam a dit…

That's really strange, did you go from an RSS feeder? The only thing I can think of is that I had originally published this post on the same day as the new one and went back and changed it and post-dated it to one day earlier... but if it does that all the time in 3 different browsers that's really strange! On mine (Firefox) it loads fine and Mystery Guest has a mac and it works fine too, very odd indeed.

And yes, what a pain! Plus this kid doesn't even use correct grammar, its all over the place! Its actually a big mess, this sale, I might blog about it all when its done and over with... we'll see ;-)