dimanche, février 22, 2009


Really? Score! ;-)

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Katie a dit…

haha I don't know why, but I don't think this is true, but WHO CARES! I've been craving cupcakes for so long and strangely enough, i've been seeing them everywhere! in magazines, tv, and on blogs! I'm going to have to make my own.

Yes I would love to know what you recommend seeing in Normandy. We're only staying for a couple days though.

Milk Jam a dit…

Katie: I put this on your blog but thought i'd put it here too :-)

well since you've already seen mt. saint michel you've got that covered. it all depends on the weather really... as far as cherbourg goes its a nice town but i wouldn't go out of your way to come here unless you have to see cite de la mer (which is way expensive, i've never been) but if the weather is beautiful there are SO many cute towns/villages (Saint Vaast on the manche side) and drives to go on out here on the peninsula.

then there are of course the d-day beaches which are a must see, rain or shine. point du hoc is my favorite spot, its all left as is and is more impressive then Juno or Sword beaches which are by Caen.

Must sees would be Bayeux (and the tapestry) and if you're interested in D-day stuff then the Memorial is amazing and worth the price!

The Suisse Normande is also beautiful as well as the pays d'auge near Lisieux - check out Beuvron en Auge if you're in the area. I also LOVE Honfleur and never get tired of going there, Deauville is a bit too Parisian for me, to bling bling unless that's your style ;-)

Basically there's tons to see depending on what you guys like and the weather. Right now its really nice out, warm and mostly sunny - i'll keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way for you!!

corine a dit…

I've been feeding cupcakes to my children at the first sign of cold and never had to give them antibiotics.

Milk Jam a dit…

@corine hehe that's great! :-)