mercredi, février 25, 2009

sunrises, sunsets

As much as I gripe on Facebook each Wednesday about waking up at the buttcrack of dawn I love it more and more (not the waking up part!). I take the train as the sun is rising (7:40am) and take it home as it sets (leaving Caen at 6pm) these days. I love love love it! This morning as we left V-town there was a thick fog and frost over the fields. As we neared Caen the sky turned a fabulous peachy/pinky color behind the fog - breathtaking. On the way home I caught sight of the sun, it was a huge red ball hanging over the horizon striped with clouds. By the time we got to V-town and I could snap this picture from the bridge it had morphed into pale pastels, nonetheless beautiful.

I never get tired of that commute and sit there in amazement focused on the everchanging landscape. It drives me up the wall that I can't ask the conductor to make a quick stop so I can catch the sunset over the marshlands or the cows grazing in the early morning fog. No one else on the train ever seems to be watching, don't they realize how amazing this is?

2 commentaires:

Andromeda a dit…

I used to take the tram and teach my first and last classes in the dark, so I am loving how it's getting sunny longer now, it makes it so much easier to go to work in such nice conditions!

Milk Jam a dit…

oh i know! leaving when there's light out and coming home without it being pitch black is SOOOO nice! :-) makes me a lot happier, that's for sure!