vendredi, février 27, 2009

Green - the Natural Flavour

This afternoon I was supposed to go to Caen to work so this week I bought a train pass from V-town to Caen to cover my extra trip, but at the last minute this morning the 2 hours I was supposed to do were canceled. It was a beautiful sunny day so after going to the market I decided to head over to Caen anyway and go to the pool and maybe meet up with some friends. Well everyone was busy so I went to the pool anyway and had a great swim - despite the dark grey clouds that were hanging over Caen, we had beautiful weather in la Manche! Afterwards I had a couple errands to run but needed a little recharge... so I headed over to Green.

This organic fast-food just opened a few weeks ago in Caen, its run by some friends and I wish them lots of success because I just think it's the best idea ever! All their food is organic and mostly vegan, no milk products but some tuna or other fish options. The day after their grand opening I stopped by for a lemon/coconut cupcake - devine! I don't know how they made vegan cupcakes but give me another one anytime! Today I decided to try something different and those big chocolate brownies were staring me down. Apparently they were banana chocolate brownies but I didn't really taste the banana, I think it was there just to hold it all together and keep it from being too dry... YUM! I haven't tried the savory options yet, but they have make your own salad options and lots of wraps and falafels. Plus isn't the store just the cutest?

Bravo les filles!

Green - The Natural Flavour
Rue Saint Pierre (across from Cafe Latin)

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