dimanche, février 22, 2009

well i've joined that club!

Well I've gone and done it, I've joined that club of people walking around with a honkin' phone attacked to their ear.

But isn't it beautiful??? It sure is the most expensive phone I've ever bought! But I've wanted one since they came out with the new model but there was no way I'd spend over 100e on a phone attacked to a 24month contract at 40 bucks a month, oh no! I'm too attached to my ever-so-basic phone plan of 17e a month (no contract!) and I was definitely not going to shell out 600e to buy it sans forfait...

So I waited, was very very happy with my ipod touch birthday present, it was essentially the same thing right? Oh I realized just how wrong I was when Mystery Guest was using his iphone as a GPS, taking pictures and sending them while on vacation etc... And when we found a very gently used one (unSIMlocked) for a very decent price I decided to go for it! Very spur of the moment and all that :-)

Oh... I do not regret it! Plus it made for some very funny stories! I realized that I could almost pay for the price of the iphone by selling my touch and classic ipod that was gathering dust. So I put the first one on leboncoin just to see. I got an email within a day saying that the person would drive up to V-town and buy it, for 30e under asking price. I told him well I actually will be in Caen the next day which is a lot closer so I'll sell it to you there for 20e under. We set up a RDV at the train station which led to a hilarious situation of sms messages back and forth. He had gone to Carrefour and found the same model new, for what he thought, was not that much more than my asking price. So there was this funny exchange of negotiations, he was trying to bring the price down and I was trying to judge just how much he wanted it and if he would go for a higher price.

He finally pointed out that we were smsing over a matter of 15e and that's when I said, ok lets just get it sold. So when he came to the train station (5min before my train was going to leave!) it was all I could do not to laugh, he did not look a day over 16! Preppy clothes and glasses and so eager to get his hands on my touch. He barely looked at it and gave me a roll of cash. Then all evening long he sent me emails, how do I install applications? What does this mean? Do I need a password... hehe for a teenager as branché as he was trying to be it just made me laugh!

That's not 1/2 as funny as the guy who emailed me for the ipod, apparently I'm waiting for his cash in the mail (yes, you read that right) and then sending him the ipod. But as he so eloquently worded it, watch it lady, if you steal my money I'm taking you downtown!

Yeah, so this has been quite an email/sms adventure. But leboncoin sure does work for selling things quickly!

This post was so much longer than I had expected but I'm just gaga over my new toy :-) Too bad no one is calling me on it! If they did I'd be ever so excited to see their face (yes, I added pictures to all my contacts hehe) pop up on my screen!!!

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