samedi, février 07, 2009

England Day 2

Day 2 we woke up early after a fantastic night's sleep! I haven't slept that hard in a long time, it was wonderful! We went down for breakfast at 9 and our Littlewell b&b hosts were just so sweet and friendly. They filled us up with a traditional English breakfast which was the best I had on the trip, it was fried but not overly greasy and the sausage was local and so yummy! I would highly recommend this b&b, it was absolutely enchanting and a great deal!

Then we drove into Glastonbury and got some information about local sites from the tourist office. We parked just outside of downtown and then visited the Chalice well before walking up the snowy and icy hill to the Tor. We were so lucky with the weather, it had warmed up just a little, the roads were clear and it was bright and sunny all day! Couldn't have asked for better weather for taking pictures and enjoying the fresh air.

In the afternoon we went to the Abbey ruins which is supposed to be the site of the first Christian church in England and where King Arthur was buried. Afterwards we drove off to the Cheddar Gorge and back down and through to Exeter.

In Exeter we wanted to try to find the Apple store for Mystery Guest's brother who wanted a good deal on an ipod touch but stores in the UK close so freakin' early that we missed it and so decided to continue on to Cornwall. We found a pretty good b&b (but not as good as the first one! it was just too hard to beat!) and had a great pub dinner - yummy fish & chips!

By the way, one thing that we couldn't figure out on the trip were the "Free Houses" that we kept seeing, is it really Free?

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