lundi, février 02, 2009

snow and crepes

This morning I woke up to a blanket of beautiful snow!!! It snowed pretty much all day but by the end of the day it wasn't sticking anymore and it had melted off the roofs. On the news they said to be careful of ice tomorrow if the melted snow freezes over tonight. It was a beautiful winter wonderland though!

Today was the Chandeleur and we forgot this morning when we made pancakes to flip them with a coin in one hand, so we made up for it tonight with galettes for dinner. Miammy!
Both Mystery Guest and I got our flips right from the first galette!! (and how proud am I? last year not only did I have trouble but I was working with a real crepe, this one was a galette and much more fragile...) I did much better this year so I guess this means we will both have a prosperous year (yea!!!)

Here is the recipe I used for my batter for 2 people (2.5 galettes each)
* 125g farine de sarrasin
* 1 egg
* salt
* about 50cl water

I started with a little less water and then kept adding some until the batter was the right consistency (should run a thin ribbon when poured with a spoon or ladle and swirl around easily inthe hot pan.)
Then we flipped them once and then filled them with ham, cheese and a cracked egg on top, YUM!

2 commentaires:

Megan a dit…

I have never heard about the coin thing... Is that for luck?

Leah a dit…

It would be la cata if I tried to flip a galette...very impressive! And it sure does look miammy! PS:Your photo of the place looks like a professional photo. Very good job, Kariner!!