mercredi, juillet 23, 2008

whew! busy weekend!

Wow! I had such a busy but fantastic weekend! Only just recovering now so I thought I'd make you all jealous with some pictures of the funness. :-)
It all started on Saturday when Sarah decided to "drag" her boy out to the countryside for the weekend. They reserved a night in a B&B not far from here and invited us to dinner. We already had plans Sunday/Monday with the fab duo Charlie & Kristina so I invited Sarah & Mat over to our house for dinner, lets call it our first crémaillère! It was great to see them and we had such a laugh!!
Then on Sunday morning Mystery Guest and I got the house picked up for the 2nd round of guests to arrive. They came late morning and after a guided tour of the apartement we headed off to lunch. Since Sarah and Mat were still in the area they joined us at the fabulous creperie where we celebrated my birthday in October and where Mystery Guest and I brought Charlie and Kristina back in May. This time however we ate outside in the sun and we knew it was summer!

I ordered la Normande, a galette stuffed with camembert, potatoes, mushrooms and ham with carmalized apples on the side... heaven on a plate!
Mystery Guest was tempted last time by the "big hunk of meat hanging on a stick" that we saw pass by our table last May and ordered it this time around.
After a loooong lunch (in which they forgot to put in our order for dessert so even longer!) we parted ways and left Sarah & Mat. They went off kayaking and we drove off in search of geo-caches! We found one near the old Moulin that we couldn't find last week! It was Charlie and Kristina's first successful find and I think we got them hooked ;-)
After a quick stop at the cookie store we drove along the coast, taking random roads and exploring until we found the most unbelievable beach. It was covered with sand dunes and with the low tide I swear the water was miles away! It was a bit windy but sheltered by the little ledge we lounged about for several hours admiring the view, trying to remember how to do a cartwheel and other fun stuff :-)
In the evening we made it back to the apartment in time to make some dinner and have a intense match of Catan! We all crashed pretty early after a long day in the sun - we needed our strength for Monday!

In the morning we got up slowly and made pancakes for breakfast. Instead of making them in the kitchen we used Mystery Guest's raclette/creperie to make them right at the breakfast table! That was the best idea ever, cooking your own pancakes right there, with a side of bacon and all of it doused with maple syrup! Heaven again!

We drove out to Saint Sauveur le Vicomte in the late morning and managed to squeeze in a multi-geocache and a picnic before hitting the river to go kayaking!
It was amazing! The river didn't really have any rapids, but it was so peaceful being on the water which meandered through farmland... that is until Charlie decided to have a waterfight! :-) No, but it was an excellent afternoon, we spent 4 hours paddling up the river 4km and then back again. We all got a little sun, Kristina tried to pet a cow and we all had a great time. Plus this kayak rental really isn't too expensive, we paid 17e per boat (2 people in each boat) which really isn't bad at all for a 1/2 day rental!

When we got back we attacked the leftover chocolate cake and then had 1 last game of Catan before our guests had to leave. What a weekend! Thanks to everyone who braved the 1 hour drive to come visit! ;-)

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