mercredi, juillet 16, 2008

14 juillet

The 14th of July was a beautiful sunny day here in la Manche! Mystery Guest and I decided to get out of the house in the afternoon and do a little geocaching. We drove out to the west about 25km to an old windmill. It actually still works and they sell all different kinds of flour ground by the mill itself! There is also a restaurant that is supposed to be very good, at least from the outside it looks great. They even have a thatched roof! I love the local tradition of growing irises along the top of the thatch. I'm not really sure why they do but it looks awesome to see these flowers growing on the roof of someone's house!
Sadly we didn't find the cache, there were way too many prickly plants, thistles, blackberries etc. Yuck.
Here is the view from the windmill, it looks out over the countryside, just beautiful!
And some flowers :-)
We drove out to Barneville-Carteret since it was only about 10km from where we were. It is quite touristy out there but it was such a stunning day and as we drove in over the top of the cliff you could see the beach filled with people, and suprisingly a ton of people swimming! (it's not all that hot out in the water here!) The water was an unbelievable turquoise, so nice!

When we got back we decided to try out the bbq for some hamburgers. We put it on our little faux-terrace and after a lot of work got it lit (mental note, pick up lighter fluid!). I made little hamburger patties and those things are gooooood when cooked over a grill!

So in the end we didn't sing the Marseillaise but it was a great day! I wish the weather would stay as nice as it was on Monday!

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kim a dit…

I've been told that people plant flowers and such atop their thatched roofs to keep the birds from stealing the straw for their nests (they take it from the tops because that is the last part thatched; they work from the edge of the roof up toward the peak).

benny a dit…

I thought it was for abosorbing the humidity from the "chaume", to avoid rotting ...

PutYourFlareOn a dit…

At least one person I know grilled over the holiday weekend. I am in dire need of a picnic with some seriously grilling!