dimanche, juillet 06, 2008

moooovin' in!

Well things are finally getting calmed down and organized around here! It was complicated in the beginning because we didn't have any electricity, gas (for the hot water heater) or internet (tee hee) in the first few days that we "moved in" so we stayed with the beaux-parents.

That meant doing the 20 minute drive in and out of town early each morning so Mystery Guest could get to work and so I could get to unpacking. I was totally physically and mentally exhausted the first few days - not used to physical labor like that! I scrubbed this place down from top to bottom (the building had been sold in between tenants thats why the electricity and gas were actually cut and why it was so dirty, we have no idea just how long it sat empty) and put together all the furniture and moved stuff around the place.

By Thursday we had power and internet (yea Neuf!) but still no hot water so we spent 1 last night at the parents. Then Friday morning the same guy came to turn on the gas (don't get me started on why the same technician can't turn both the electricity and gas on at the same time but hey go figure...). So Friday night was our first night in our new home. It's great! It is so big and full of light and quiiiiet! Well mostly, we live above an automated lavomatique which is open from 8am to 8pm and when you're in the living room you can hear people's conversations down below. Most of the time it just cracks me up :-) And honstly doesn't bother me that much knowing that it will be nice and peaceful come 8pm. Our bedroom is totally quiet and the last two nights I've slept like a log!

Since Mystery Guest works in a local shop he has his weekend Sunday/Monday so today we slept in and made some gluten free pancakes for breakfast - yum! Then his mom came and we made our way down to Bayeux for the Medieval Festival. This is my third time going and Mystery Guest enjoyed it so much last year that we ventured out of the house to go back :-) The weather wasn't that great so we didn't stay all day but we did stick out the wind for a few hours to check out some of the stands. It's so much fun to see all of the different things being sold, people dressed up etc :-)

It was still raining when we got home so we just vegged on the couch sunday-style with a little X-Files and a nap, can things get any better?

Everything is pretty much up and running around here, there are just a few more boxes to unpack and then some decorations to put up ... pictures to come!

4 commentaires:

PutYourFlareOn a dit…

yay for getting moved in! I'd love for you to start a new category on your blog called "over heard in the laundromat", I bet some of those conversation are funny! Nice that it's quiet at 8pm!

I wish I could wake up and smell ocean air everyday. Lucky you!

Leah a dit…

Congrats, sounds like you're getting all settled in in your new pied a terre! :)

The Late Bloomer a dit…

Sounds like such a nice, quiet place and the pics are great too! Gave us a good glimpse of your little town. It must feel so good to be finally moved into your new home together -- I can certainly understand that!

Now if only we could only get our place in order for the baby's arrival -- yikes!

Andromeda a dit…

Glad you weren't internet-less too long! I'll have to look into Neuf for the future. And why does every other region in France have a cool medieval festival except Lorraine?? Well, we get the pretty Christmas markets I guess, but still.