mardi, juillet 29, 2008

summer in normandy

It has been a busy week over here, the weather was hot hot HOT and so there was some time spent at the beach, then a full day in the sun chez Natalie working on a translation project (she's housesitting and god bless beautiful garden patios!) Then the weekend afternoons were spent chez les beaux-parents where the weather is cooler, the beach rocky and the water nippy but refreshing! Otherwise I've been cooped up at home trying desparetly to get going on my memoire... the hardest part is just getting started! I've gotten a good few ideas sorted out and I'm hoping to be able to close all these Firefox windows and really concentrate. It's a good time, the weather changed with a huge thunderstorm last night and it is a little grey and that is a refreshing change!

I did get a haircut when I was in Caen last week though, pamper myself a little around here! My hairdresser is just adorable, she's so nice and loves to practice her English with me when I go in. This time they didn't have many customers, I think everyone was at the beach, so she decided to take a little extra time and at the end used a hair straightener. I like it but felt a little like an 80's rock star... :-)

Ok, enough procrastination, I'm back to work!

2 commentaires:

Our Juicy Life a dit…

ok - which one is you....I'm thinking the blonde.???? How did you find her? Sounds like a great time.

Milk Jam a dit…

yup I'm the blond ;-)
I went to that salon several years back just because it was around the corner from where i used to live, the girl who used to cut my hair was great but she moved or changed salons... not sure. Then when I called to ask for the old one my awesome hairdresser answered the phone and said she'd replace her ;-)