vendredi, juillet 04, 2008


Welcome to V-town! I wanted to show you some pictures of town since apartment pictures are still in the works (want to get rid of all the boxes before snapping away...)

I went out to the market this morning and on the way home decided to take advantage of the beautiful skies to take a few pictures of my new home! Here is the apartment, it is the beige building above the lavomatique. There is a bar/brasserie to the left always full of people. The apartment is a duplex so we've got all 4 of those big windows :-) Even when its raining we get tons of sunlight - I love it!
Here is a view looking outside our window, I love all the flowers they've put in the round about, it makes the view really nice.
This is one of the side streets leading up to the round about, there are lots of little shops, butchers, clothes shops and restaurants that are starting to put their summer side walk terraces out.
Here is the church in the main square, Mystery Guest's work is juuuust behind it. I wonder if he likes hearing the church bells all day... :-)
Another view of the church...
And the main square. It's really cute to walk around in and I just adore the stones around here. In the summer the light off of that white stone is beautiful, especially when people grow rhodies and roses in the front of their houses... Voila voila, a little tour of my new little town. Pop. 8,000 - the same as my hometown in the Northwest! (they don't have a lot of creperies though... muhhh haha!)

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Vivi a dit…

Oh wow, your new town is super cute and the new place looks great! I don't know about Mystery Guest but I love hearing the bells of our church - though I can only hear them when the windows are open. Of course that means they wake me up at 7am on the weekends... ok maybe they're not always so great!

Milk Jam a dit…

You'll have to come visit! :-) We're right next to the D-Day beaches and not far from Mt. St. Michel, road trip? ;-)

Our Juicy Life a dit…

Your building is lovely, the view supurb and the village looks cozy...congratulations. I'm in California, not sure where you are exactly...anywhere near stage 1 of the Tour de France....we are watching it right now.