dimanche, juillet 13, 2008

A few appt pics!

Well you asked for 'em (or did you?) either way here you go! Here are just a few pictures of the main rooms, the living room. (it is not as dark as it looks in this picture, it was just the setting on my camera.)
The other side of the living room (aka the dining room yeah!)
The kitchen.
And our bedroom (its like living in butttahh!)

There are a few rooms I didn't put in, office, laundry room, bathroom etc, they're pretty much your average rooms (and hey didn't wanna go airing my dirty laundry on the web... har har har!)

Its really big, about 80m2 and I just love it! Central location and still so quiet! :-)

5 commentaires:

Vivi a dit…

It looks great! I'm so jealous of your huge kitchen - it's ginormous compared to mine!

Leah a dit…

Yeah, looks like you've got a lotta space on your hands. Congrats!

Milk Jam a dit…

yeah, gotta love the extra space, its sooooo nice!! :-) i just love that we have a laundry room where we can hide all the junk away :-) every house needs one of those!

Anonyme a dit…

Yes I do believe I pestered you for pics! I like the wallpaper, the tiles in the kitchen are nice too. And I love your chairs, I've been looking for some..where did you find yours?

Milk Jam a dit…

le tigre - actually the "tiles" in the kitchen are wallpaper! but i like them too. As for the chairs, try shopping in the attic of les beaux-parents... ;-) ironically enough they are the exact same chairs i had growing up in the States :-)