mercredi, mars 28, 2007

pick 'em up again

Yup... moving again, a last post before the crazyness begins. We're living among boxes right now, well mostly boxes, I still have a few more to finish this afternoon before work.
I picked up the keys to the new place today, over in the CROUS. Went upstairs and check them, they work no problem. Also changed the name on the mailbox, Mr. Postman must be very confused trying to follow me around!
It will be busy tomorrow but shouldn't be too horrible because since the new place is furnished we've broken down all the bookselves and furniture here to be stored at Dartyman's parents. So basically its just boxes of clothes, dishes, books etc to go up to the 3rd floor (sans elevator of course). The new place has its perks: most importantly it is quiet and we'll be able to sleep, there is also a small bathtub (!!!) and water and electricity are free. It does have me a little worried that we're going to kill eachother in a small space like that (30 m2) but I think with communication things can work out, plus there are 2 weeks of vacation starting Friday! I'm working again this year, doing a stage for junior high kids but it will be a nice change and the lessons are already prepared from last year :-) yippee!
I'm hoping we'll be able to mooch off of someone's wifi up there, otherwise you won't hear from me for a while until we can get internet up and running... hopefully as soon as possible, the addict that I am... :-)

4 commentaires:

Emily a dit…

Free water and electricity + a, lucky duck. :)

benny a dit…

Hey, I wish you lots of happiness in your new flat !!!
Maybe I'll be able to come and visit during easter !!

Sara a dit…

quiet+a tub is great, you will be soooo happy about actually sleeping you wont notice the small space

Katia a dit…

30m2? I didn't even know that EXISTED outside of paris!
But the good thing is that you'll learn A LOT about each other in that sort of space ;)